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Band Brand: How To Create And Use Video Of Live Performances For Your Band's Marketing

If you want to be successful as a band and record music for a living, the most important aspect is getting your name out here. There are hundreds of bands formed all the time, but only a few are able to make it to success. Marketing your band just right will make the difference between being well known or being at the starting line for musicians. Here are some ways that you can put together a impressive video performances and use them in a way that will help your band launch into stardom. 

Set video cameras around your next playing venue

In order to show an impressive live performance, you should set up video cameras in many places in your venue. This works best if you are on a large stage, but as long as you are elevated from the crowd, there are ways to get good footage. Have the videographers set up video cameras above you looking down, on the stage near each musician's station, and place cameramen throughout the crowd. The cameramen will be able to zoom in and out, plus get the best background footage of and background visuals. 

Throw in better images and color

Hire a videographer that can take the footage of your concerts and bring the to life. Along with putting your complete, live songs in the background, they should also put together the complete footage of the concert and make it look exciting. One of the best ways to use video marketing as a tool is to make the viewers feel like they are at the concert. Throwing in sharp images and cleaning up the color completely with a program like DaVinci Resolve will allow the videographer to make the video look live. Be sure to have the video cleaned up to look good in HD, so that the show looks excellent on all computers, phones, and televisions. 

Get voice over for concert snips

If you plan to shop around your video to managers, producers, and venue bookers, you will need to send out small snippets instead of full concert videos for attention. Have a small snippet, such as a minute or two of your best songs along with voice over that includes your band's name, the genre of music that you play, and some of the accomplishments that you have made as a band. This marketing tool can help the band book more dates, including informal tours to help make you a household name for the listeners in your genre.