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3 Things You Need To Know About Caring For Your Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be exciting. Many people look forward to getting a work of art placed on their body. However, if you don't properly care for the tattoo, you could easily make it look distorted or not as vibrant as it could look. This is why the after care of the tattoo should not be ignored. Here are a couple tips for keeping your tattoo looking great and caring for it.

1. Keep It Moist

Right after you get your tattoo the artist will probably put some sort of medication ointment on it. This is like a Vaseline or A+D ointment that will help to keep the outside moisture out, while keeping the area moist so it can heal quickly and properly. You should only keep this ointment on for a couple days after the tattoo has been placed. After that you can keep the area hydrated with some regular lotion. It is better if you can use non-scented and non-medication lotion. This will help to keep the area healing properly.

2. Keep The Bandage On Right After The Tattoo Has Been Placed

Right after you get the tattoo you might be tempted to take off the bandage to show your friends and family. Resist this temptation and keep your bandage on for at least a couple hours after the tattoo has been placed. This is because your body will leak bodily fluids. Remember getting a tattoo is pretty traumatic and rough on your skin, and your skin will show it. Your skin may bleed, ooze fluids, and be in a lot of pain. The longer you keep the bandage on, the cleaner the tattoo will look and the less likely you are to get an infection.

Even though you should keep your bandage on for hours you shouldn't keep it on for days. You need to let the ink dry and the area heal. So although you can keep it moist, don't keep it bandaged.

3. Don't Pick Scabs Should They Come

As mentioned before the area where your tattoo was placed has been traumatized. The skin will try to rejuvenate itself, which means you could have bleeding and scabbing. This is normal, and whatever you do you shouldn't pick the scabs. Even though the area may not look how you want it to, picking the scab will only cause the area to scar more. Instead, let the body heal itself and wait for the scab to fall off.

By doing these things you can keep your tattoo looking great. For more information, talk to a tattoo shop.