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Band Brand: How To Create And Use Video Of Live Performances For Your Band’s Marketing

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If you want to be successful as a band and record music for a living, the most important aspect is getting your name out here. There are hundreds of bands formed all the time, but only a few are able to make it to success. Marketing your band just right will make the difference between being well known or being at the starting line for musicians. Here are some ways that you can put together a impressive video performances and use them in a way that will help your band launch into stardom.  Set video cameras around your next playing venue In order to show an impressive live performance, you should set up video cameras in many places in your venue. This works best if you are on a large stage, but as long as you are elevated from the crowd, there are ways to get good footage. Have the videographers set up video cameras above you looking down, on the stage near each musician’s station, and place cameramen throughout the crowd. The cameramen will be able to zoom in and out, plus get the best background footage of and background visuals.  Throw in better images and color Hire a videographer that can take the footage of your concerts and bring the to life. Along with putting your complete, live songs in the background, they should also put together the complete footage of the concert and make it look exciting. One of the best ways to use video marketing as a tool is to make the viewers feel like they are at the concert. Throwing in sharp images and cleaning up the color completely with a program like DaVinci Resolve will allow the videographer to make the video look live. Be sure to have the video cleaned up to look good in HD, so that the show looks excellent on all computers, phones, and televisions.  Get voice over for concert snips If you plan to shop around your video to managers, producers, and venue bookers, you will need to send out small snippets instead of full concert videos for attention. Have a small snippet, such as a minute or two of your best songs along with voice over that includes your band’s name, the genre of music that you play, and some of the accomplishments that you have made as a band. This marketing tool can help the band book more dates, including informal tours to help make you a household name for the listeners in your...

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3 Reasons You Should Involve Your Artistic Child In Art Contests

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If you have a child that shows any type of interest in art, then it is a great idea to involve them in art contests. There are generally art contests offered through most communities and schools, with children of all ages having the opportunity to submit their work. Your child will also likely be competing against children who are close in age to them, so they have no need to feel intimidated by children who are much older and potentially more skilled than them. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should involve your artistic child in art contests. It Motivates Them To Exercise Their Talent For a child, it sometimes takes a little extra push for them to do something. This may be true of your child and practicing their artistic abilities. They may have a natural talent to paint and they may enjoy it, but they still may need a bit of encouraging to actually do it. Entering an art contest is a great motivator for them to get to work. This is true not only because they need to have one or more pieces to enter into the contest, but also because they are going to want to practice enough so that their pieces look great. Your child will also likely realize that the more time spent on a project, the more detail it is likely going to have and the better it is going to look.  They Will Be Rewarded For Their Skills The hours that your child spends painting, sculpting, drawing, etc., will not be wasted at all because they will be rewarded for their skills. Art contests have judges that come around and judge all of the different pieces that are entered. This gives your child the opportunity to not only win within their age group, but also to win some overall prizes for their art. These prizes are generally going to be things that kids will love and will once again motivate your child to continue to work on their artistic abilities. Even if they don’t happen to win at first, seeing the prizes can encourage them to work harder.  It Allows Others To See And Praise Their Work  Sometimes a child has a gift for art, but they aren’t sure what others are going to think of their work. Entering your child’s work into an art contest gives your child the opportunity to show off their artwork for others to see. They will likely receive some much needed praise, from someone other than their parent, that will boost their confidence in their artistic abilities and help them to realize that they really do have a...

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Advice For Tattoo Customers

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If you’ve decided to get a new tattoo, you’ll need to go visit a few local tattoo shops to decide who will have the honor of giving you some fresh ink. When you visit a tattoo shop, it really isn’t much different than going into any other business in terms of how you should behave and what you should do. Here’s some advice for tattoo patrons that will make the experience more pleasant for you as well as your artist. What You Should Do When you go into the tattoo shop, you should already have an idea of what you want to get. It’s never a good idea to just walk into a tattoo shop and make a rash decision on impulse. Remember, this is something you will have on your body for the rest of your life, so bring in some reference material and pictures for your artist. They can create something wonderful if they have a point of reference to start with. Always be respectful to your tattoo artist, and make sure you come in bathed and clean. Tattoo artists don’t want to work on someone who has not practiced good personal hygiene. If you are nervous or you’re feeling a little ill when the tattooing begins, let your artist know. They have plenty of experience with handling queasy customers and would rather help you feel more comfortable than work on someone who is on the verge of passing out. Once the tattoo is finished, you should always tip your artist. Factor in the tip as part of the final price of your new artwork. What You Should Not Do It’s common for people to bring a friend or two with them when they get a tattoo, but most artists work better in a quiet environment. You should never bring children into a tattoo studio, and if you do have friends with you, they should wait in the lobby and not stand over your artist. This can cause unnecessary distractions that could hurt your final tattoo in the long run. Never haggle with your artist. The price they quote you will be the price you can expect to pay along with a tip. If you don’t like the price you’re given, you can always opt to choose another tattoo studio. As your artist is working, they may be in the mood to chat with you, and they may not. Some artists prefer to work quietly so they can focus. If you don’t feel as if your tattooist is in a chatty mood, just be still and let them complete their work. As long as you’re polite and respectful, your tattoo experience should be a good one that will provide you with a new piece of art you’ll always treasure, and a trusted place you can come back to for more in the future. Visit a tattoo shop, such as Royal Street Tattoo, to learn more about tattoos....

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Better Think Before You Get That Ink: Why You Need To Use Only A Professional Tattoo Artist

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If you are planning on getting a tattoo, you shouldn’t just walk into any tattoo shop to get it done. You should also not allow someone do it from their home, or even worse their garage. Below are two reasons why you need to only let a professional ink you, and what to look for in a tattoo shop.  Granulomas Granulomas are small bumps that you may see around the tattoo pigment. The bumps are usually blood red in color. This happens because your body’s immune system is trying to fight off substances that it thinks is foreign, such as ink. Some of these substances include fungi, bacteria, and infectious organisms, as well as other materials such as suture or keratin fragments.   Fortunately, granulomas are benign and they may clear up on their own in a few weeks. If not, you will require surgery to remove them. Blood Borne Diseases If the tattoo artist uses a non-sterile instrument on you to give you a tattoo, you could get a blood-borne disease–such as HIV, the flesh eating virus, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, and tetanus.  All of these disorders present different symptoms. If you feel sick at all after getting your tattoo see your doctor immediately. What to Look for in a Tattoo Shop Fortunately, there are many tattoo shops that are completely clean and sterilized, and will do a great job at giving you a tattoo. Depending on the state you live in, tattoo shops may have to be regulated. For example, they may have to be licensed and have inspections done by the Department of Health Services. If your state requires this, ask the tattoo shop owner to show you proof of their license, and the last time they were inspected. Ask the owner how they sterilize their equipment and how often they do so. Instruments are sterilized by being exposed to a high temperature that will kill any bacteria and spores. Look at the artists giving tattoos to make sure they wear sterile gloves. They should throw away the gloves when they are finished. Any ink that is not used while giving a tattoo should be thrown away, and not be put back into the container to use on the next person. Some tattoo shops use disposable medical grade instruments to prevent any health problems. Once you determine the tattoo shop is safe, it is time to pick the kind of tattoo you want, which can be a very difficult decision because the choices are...

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3 Things You Need To Know About Caring For Your Tattoo

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Getting a tattoo can be exciting. Many people look forward to getting a work of art placed on their body. However, if you don’t properly care for the tattoo, you could easily make it look distorted or not as vibrant as it could look. This is why the after care of the tattoo should not be ignored. Here are a couple tips for keeping your tattoo looking great and caring for it. 1. Keep It Moist Right after you get your tattoo the artist will probably put some sort of medication ointment on it. This is like a Vaseline or A+D ointment that will help to keep the outside moisture out, while keeping the area moist so it can heal quickly and properly. You should only keep this ointment on for a couple days after the tattoo has been placed. After that you can keep the area hydrated with some regular lotion. It is better if you can use non-scented and non-medication lotion. This will help to keep the area healing properly. 2. Keep The Bandage On Right After The Tattoo Has Been Placed Right after you get the tattoo you might be tempted to take off the bandage to show your friends and family. Resist this temptation and keep your bandage on for at least a couple hours after the tattoo has been placed. This is because your body will leak bodily fluids. Remember getting a tattoo is pretty traumatic and rough on your skin, and your skin will show it. Your skin may bleed, ooze fluids, and be in a lot of pain. The longer you keep the bandage on, the cleaner the tattoo will look and the less likely you are to get an infection. Even though you should keep your bandage on for hours you shouldn’t keep it on for days. You need to let the ink dry and the area heal. So although you can keep it moist, don’t keep it bandaged. 3. Don’t Pick Scabs Should They Come As mentioned before the area where your tattoo was placed has been traumatized. The skin will try to rejuvenate itself, which means you could have bleeding and scabbing. This is normal, and whatever you do you shouldn’t pick the scabs. Even though the area may not look how you want it to, picking the scab will only cause the area to scar more. Instead, let the body heal itself and wait for the scab to fall off. By doing these things you can keep your tattoo looking great. For more information, talk to a tattoo...

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Tips For Buying Antique Jewelry

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Antique jewelry can be a meaningful way to connect with history. If you want to get a great deal on genuine antique jewelry, consider these tips before you buy. Consider the Source There are several venues for buying antique jewelry, with varying degrees of safety. Craigslist and classified ad sellers are an option for locating antiques in your area, although you need to be sure to vet the seller before buying. If you see an ad that list multiples of the same piece, or the same ad has been relisted many times, then you might suspect that the pieces are copies. Another option is to check your local estate sales. You can get some great deals on jewelry at estate sales, but it takes a trained eye to verify these pieces. If you are considering an estate sale piece, make sure that the piece is verified first by a qualified appraiser. The next option is to go through a qualified art dealer or jewelry store. These establishments collect antique jewelry, and they will have staff on hand to assess the jewelry’s actual value and authenticity. If you are new to antique jewelry, these specialists may be your best bet for finding high quality antiques in good condition. Get an Appraisal It’s always important to check the appraised value of a piece before buying to make sure that its history is accurate. If the seller doesn’t already have an appraisal on the piece, you can send an item in for appraisal online. All you’ll need is some photos of the item in question. Make Sure You’re Seeing the Whole Picture If you are unable to inspect the item in person, ask the seller for various photos or a video that shows an item from all angles. Ask specifically for photos of any defects on the items.  Be sure that the photos include both details and the big picture. Look for Classic Signs of Antique Jewelry If you do have the chance to investigate your antique jewelry in person before buying, there are a few items to look for to verify that it’s an antique. For instance, you should look for signs of patina; this loss of sheen indicates many years of use and decay. Since many jewelers used to leave a mark on the crafts, such as their initials, you should look for marks on the jewelry to signal the real deal. When in doubt, an expert jewelry appraised can help you to sniff out a fake. For more information, talk to a jewelry dealer such as Crissy...

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3 Tips For Getting The Best Hotel Accommodations For Your Money

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If you are planning to travel to a different state for any sort of weekend event or conference, it always pays to do your due diligence when finding hotels — for example, ABC Kids Expo 2015 hotels. By handling a little bit of leg work, you will be able to get your hands on hotel deals that allow for a comfortable and convenient stay without having to pay top dollar. In order to take advantage of this, you should read this guide and follow these tips for catching the best deals for your lodging.  #1: Go The Old Fashioned Route And Pick Up The Phone In the age of mobile apps and web bookings, you might be surprised to learn that calling the hotel is often the best way to save money. When you see deals online for third-party sites, the hotel typically gives up a cut of your purchase to share with the site you booked it on. Many hotels will be happy to give you lower rates if you pick up the phone and book directly with them instead. The list price for a room is more negotiable than you might think, and you never know until you ask. Further, a little bit of human interaction can go a long way sometimes, as managers might be inclined to offer you a discount if you’re traveling for a special event and having trouble finding accommodations.  #2: Use Your Memberships To The Fullest Often times, belonging to an organization or affiliation can get you discounts on hotel stays. These discount rates are not usually advertised, so you’ll have to ask specifically. Belonging to organizations that such as AAA, AARP or the armed forces can usually get you discounts on hotels all throughout the country. There are many other organizations that might be eligible, so be sure to speak to both hotel management and the organizations that you belong to.  #3: Consider Booking Something Other Than Your Typical Hotel When you need to travel for an event or function, leave no stone unturned in your search. Aside from traditional hotels, you may be able to find a bed and breakfast, extended stay or other lodging situation that will accommodate you. You’ll even find that many of these places offer better rates, while sometimes even providing more amenities.  Take these three tips and keep them in mind as you book your trip, so that you are able to get the deal you can afford and accommodations you can...

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Helpful Steps To Take When Creating A Short Film

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If you are thinking about making your own short film, there are a lot of things that you have to consider. In order to make the filming and editing process a little easier, you can take these steps: Start a Kickstarter Campaign You may not have a lot of cash on hand to purchase all of the necessary equipment and software to shoot the film. That’s where a kickstarter video production campaign comes in handy. This is essentially an online fundraiser that people can go to if they want to donate some money to help you create a budget. All you have to do is set up a profile, and then designate a goal for the campaign. It’s important to share the link to your campaign site on social networking sites, as this helps draw people in and get people interested in what you are trying to do. Choose the Right Shooting Location One of the most important decisions you have to make when creating a short film is where the location or locations are going to be. Before doing anything, you need to scout out locations that match the setting of your script. The more quiet your location is, the better your film is going to be because there won’t be any white noise or echoes in the background to distract the audience from the purpose of your film. Whether you are shooting near distinctive buildings, urban landscapes or natural areas outside, you need to make sure temperatures and the weather are ideal. If they are not, your video equipment could malfunction during the shoot. Create the Right Script In order for your short film to be impactful for an audience, you need to create the right script. Otherwise, everything else you do may be all for not. Start by creating a script that isn’t overly complicated. Effective short films are ones that captivate or inspire an audience. You can do this when you center the film around a hero who has to overcome some obstacle or challenge. You want to make sure the script is visual, such as making sure each character has a visual backstory. These visual images can then be used to show a character’s emotion, profession or status, which helps you cut down on filming time. Creating a short film gives you the chance to express something and tap into your creative side. The whole process of creating one of these films, even if it’s your first one, doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to these...

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3 Benefits Of Enrolling In An Adult Dance Class

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Dance classes are not just for children- a number of dance studios offer a variety of dance classes designed for adults. Dancing is great for people of any age, and adults who enroll in dance classes are sure to enjoy a number of benefits. Some of the top reasons to take adult dance classes include: Physical Health Benefits No matter what type of dance class you enroll in, all types of dance are excellent sources of the physical exercise that all adults need. Dance incorporates movements that promote flexibility, endurance, and muscle strengthening. Even taking one dance class a week will eventually result in a noticeable change to your health as well as your figure. It doesn’t matter whether you are already in good shape, or if you are new to exercise- there are so many options when it comes to dance classes, so it is possible to find one that complements your current level of fitness. As you become stronger and more advanced in your dancing, you can opt to switch to a more challenging dance class. Meeting New People Life as an adult can be very busy with work commitments and taking care of family, so many adults may find themselves having a hard time meeting new people and forming new friendships. When you join a dance class, you can count on socializing with a whole new group of people. Over time, you may become close with the other people in your dance class, and you may find opportunities to socialize and partake in other activities with these people outside of class. Taking a dance class is an especially good idea for people who are naturally shy, as many classes are limited to a small group, so you can communicate with others freely without feeling tongue-tied or embarrassed. Improve Your Self-Esteem Unfortunately, many people suffer from self-esteem and confidence issues that are tied to how they feel about themselves and how they think they look. Getting involved in a dance class can boost your sagging self-esteem by giving you a sense of accomplishment as you learn new things and master different moves. In addition, regularly participating in a dance class can drastically change your shape, so you may start appreciating how your body looks, while also impressing yourself with how strong your body really is. Eventually you may notice that you are happy with yourself, which can give you a whole new outlook on life. For more information on adult dance classes in your area, contact a local dance studio like Jazz Unlimited Studio of...

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